Barrington Powell and Lucy Wilkinson form a dynamic combination that is suited to after dinner speaking, awards presentations and team building workshops. Truly motivational magic that will inspire and lift your spirits.

Magical Marketing Secrets

Workshops specially created to get the most out of your team and improve sales. Includes seminars on time management magic and positive persuasion strategies, to help generate affable business relationships and learn key secrets to success.

Trade Shows

Promote a product, advertise your presence in the marketplace or create ice breakers between staff and your future clients. By injecting an upbeat atmosphere which keeps your staff motivated, Barrington will draw crowds to your booth, ultimately bringing more leads for your company.

Keynote Presentations

Do you have a new idea or product? Need to get your message across? Try a different approach in the boardroom or upcoming tradeshow that will remain with clients long after the event.


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