From Medieval Mirth to Mississippi Magic, whatever your theme requires it is all catered for here. Your event will be beyond expectation and who might win a prize! There are a number of versatile outfits in Barrington’s wardrobe. We couldn't fit them all on the page, so here are a few ideas.


Barrington entertains with a gambling routine from his bespoke Bunco Booth. Dressed as a Mississippi gambler or Victorian fairground trickster your guests will be mystified. Complete with cheeky grin and playful banter, Barrington manages to capture the frivolity of a carnival. Luckily it's for one night only and will raise more smiles and laughter than you could imagine.


Do you need a jester to help you tie the knot for a fairytale wedding? Day dream about placing your boss in village stocks? Or, you may need a Regency fop to ring in a special birthday. Barrington Powell will hold court in more ways than one.


Whether is it disguised as a waiter or manager (from opening the executive lounge at the Park Lane Hilton to baffling the Lawn Association) guests will be shocked and awed when his true identity is revealed.


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